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How to prepare for you dog's photoshoot!

You have booked your Floofy Studios photoshoot- YAY!

Showing up to a new experience with your dog can be stressful for some so to ease your mind here are some of my tips to help you prepare.

  1. First, if you haven't already, make sure you fill out your pre photoshoot questionnaire form. You will find the link to this in your confirmation email. The confirmation email is sent via a third party site called Calendly (check your spam!). This form helps me get to know your dog a bit better & make a good first impression!

  2. HAIRCUTS! If you have a fluffy dog (ex. poodle mixes) you're probably going to want to plan their next haircut around your session. When they first get their hair cut they can look a little goofy (I know my dog does) so I recommend booking 1-2 weeks before your session. This allows the hair to go back to its natural state but is still clean/ groomed. If you love that fluffy post haircut look & want it to be fresh- I recommend booking your grooming appointment a couple days before your session. I would avoid booking the groomm on the same day as your photoshoot as the groomer can occasionally be stressful & tiring for your pup. They need all their energy for their photoshoot! Lastly, if you want a SUPER fluffy dog, no haircut- just make sure you trim up around their eyes so we can see them because this makes for the best photos.

3. DON'T OVER EXERCISE YOUR DOG! Many clients feel that they need to burn their dogs energy before a session but actually we LOVE the energy (that's how we get all the action shots)! The photoshoot itself can be a mentally & physically tiring experience. We recommend satisfying your dogs needs with a 20ish minute walk. Not to mention, if a dog is too tired during their session that aren't as interested in participating which makes it more difficult to get the shot.

4. TREATS! Lets be honest... we bribe the dogs for their love, with snacks! We give a lot of treats throughout the session to help condition the dogs to the equipment, to make ourselves more exciting & to positively enforce the things we are asking them to do. Some smaller dogs or dogs with smaller appetites, we recommend reducing their meal before their session or not feeding them all together (depending on the dog). This will keep the motivated & interested, plus it avoids any potential upset tummies. This is not necessary for all dogs, you know your pup best!

5. ALLERGIES! Some dogs have a long list of foods they are allergic too. We have many many different treats on hand but, just incase, I recommend bringing their own treats. This will assure they have something that we will be able to give them. Modelling is not as fun without payment!

6. PROPS! We have a few props that we keep on hand, such as: flower crown, glasses, bubbles, peanut butter (not exactly a prop but makes for cute photos) & a Santa hat for the Christmas season. You are welcome to bring whatever you'd like to your session. If you have anything you'd like photographed such as, a favourite toy, dog bed, dog clothes, memorabilia, etc- bring it, we have seen it all! Now that being said, props aren't for everyone so don't feel obligated to use any of ours or to bring anything of yours. If I'm being honest, a naked dog is my favourite!

7. CAN I HAVE A PHOTO WITH MY DOG? Heck yes! If you'd like to jump in for a couple photos with your dog you are more than welcome to- we encourage it!

8. Lastly, I recommend leaving a bit earlier than you typically would for an appointment. Some of our sessions are held in cities & it can take time to find parking. Plus we want to give your dog a few minutes to sniff around outside & have a quick potty break before coming inside. I know personally that when I am feeling even the slightest bit rushed, I'm anxious, and our dogs really pick up on the anxiety. However, know we are humans too, if you're running a couple minutes late, we get it (City traffic can be so unpredictable) just try to stay as calm as possible to set your dog up for success in their photoshoot!

Click below if you'd prefer to watch rather than read:

I am ALWAYS here if you have any questions whatsoever- please ask! It will ease your mind and make this an even more enjoyable experience than it already will be!

Cannot wait to meet you & your pup!


Keegan & Steve


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